Four years of

August 24, 2016

I rarely use shared hosting: they generally all suck. I despise dealing with cPanel and its misled thought of how the "advanced DNS zone editor" lets you change both A and CNAME, as opposed to just web redirects. NearlyFreeSpeech is the complete opposite. Bespoke control panel, SSH enabled with SSH keys by default, with FTP disabled. IPv6, SSL, all automated in the control panel. The other incredibly nice part is that SSH appears to throw you in a FreeBSD jail with almost all utilities available (git, rsync, npm, etc.).

It's possible to run your own daemons where needed, and you can set up a FastCGI or custom port reverse-proxy (or just allocate a port for something like redis) in the panel, all automated. They don't offer an affiliate programme and as far as I can tell, don't need to.

Things have always just worked. Case in point: zero support tickets submitted in four years.